Knappett Industries has just completed a major project involving road widening and resurfacing, addition of a sidewalk and the installation of curbs, gutters and storm drains etc. on the street on which my wife and I reside.

We would like to compliment you and all of the personnel involved in the undertaking on a job particularly well done. All aspects of the task were obviously well and carefully planned, everyone associated with the operation functioned in an efficient and arduous manner – for long hours and at times under challenging circumstances, and certainly went out of their way to be considerate and helpful to us and the other residents. The work was carried out with the minimum of inconvenience to those who live in the area and the fact that management kept the home owners continuously apprised of progress and key developments was most useful and certainly appreciated. I was also impressed by the manner in which Knappett Industries ensured the satisfaction of all concerned, followed-up on the suggestions/observations made by some of the residents and left the site in a flawless condition. As a direct result of Knappett Industries impressive work standards, the appearance and functionality of the neighbourhood is now greatly improved and we residents have benefitted from the worthwhile changes made. For this we extend our thanks and congratulations.

Yours sincerely,



We recently had Water and Sewer main installations done on our street by Knappett Industries. We were very pleased with both the manner and the speed at which the installations were carried out. With the amount of work to be done, we had expected to have construction around our house for a couple of months at least.

We felt a few people from Knappett Industries deserved extra mention. They included Mel, Kaiden, Tood, Kevin, Matt and Joleen the flag person from the second crew. There was also a first crew who also deserve extra mention, but I was not able to get their names.

Also, extra special mention should also go to Dana Butcher and Jan Mongard from the City of Nanaimo Construction Department for their invaluable help on our property issues. Without their assistance, things definitely would not have gone as smoothly as they did.

Thank you

T.M. & G.M.