This letter is a testimonial for Knappett’s performance as the Prime Contractor on high profile construction projects we’ve participated in as the environmental representative. We have worked with Knappett on a number of projects including the Robertson Creek Dam Replacement Project, the McGregor Creek Culvert Replacement Project, the Rutherford Road – Phase 1 Lower Wetland Works, and the Rutherford Road – Phase 2 Upper Wetland Works, among others.

Our operation prides itself on the delivery of high quality environmental management and planning services in British Columbia. In a provincial regulatory environment where development is now largely self-regulated and based on professional reliance, Knappett continues to innovate and deliver on commitments to protecting the environment throughout the development process.

The Robertson Creek Dam Replacement Project was a complex project conducted in a highly sensitive lagoon environment, in fish-bearing waters and upstream of a regionally important salmon hatchery. The Project was bound by a detailed Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP), which necessitated that the Contractor develop innovative mitigation strategies to meet the terms of the CEMP. Knappett delivered on all accounts. Environmental compliance was fully achieved, project timelines were met for the Client, and works in sensitive areas were completed within the proposed Reduced Risk Work Windows in order to protect fish and fish habitat.

We have worked with numerous construction companies that demonstrate an open contempt for environmental planning. Knappett sees environmental planning as an asset, and thus they are surging ahead. Knappett demonstrates that companies with solid environmental planning represent the future of sustainable land development in B.C.


Cedric Robert, CCEP, Dipl. Tech.
Environmental Management Specialist, Owner.