Sewer Treatment and Disinfection
– A concrete block disinfection building, including two underground wet wells, pump intake sumps, and valve chambers;
– Treatment, disinfection, filtration and distribution process equipment including: coarse filters, vertical turbine distribution pumps, chlorine storage and metering equipment, and waste return pump station;
– Site servicing, electrical service, gravel and paved accesses, and fencing
– Diversion pump station, control manhole, diversion forcemain and filtrate return forcemain.

■ Work near or in Waterways
■ Environmentally Sensitive Work
■ Building Facilities
■ Multi-disciplinary Project
■ Municipal Infrastructure Work
■ Wastewater Treatment Project

VALUE: $5,000,000
LOCATION: Fort St. John, BC
START DATE: September, 2018 END DATE:  February, 2020

OWNER: City of Fort St. John