Construction of a Landfill with Gas Collection Systems.

The Landfill Gas Management System, constructed at the GVRDF and commissioned in April 2015, is composed of both a Landfill Gas Well Field and an Abstraction Plant. The Landfill Gas is collected from within the waste through both vertical and horizontal collectors (Well Field) and conveyed to the Abstraction Plant via a pipe network designed to accommodate ongoing operation and future expansion of the landfill site.

The first phase of the Landfill Gas Well Field is composed six vertical extraction wells in the closed portion of the landfill and three horizontal trenches. The vertical extraction wells are designed to optimize short-term gas collection potential, while the horizontal trenches are designed to optimize future long-term gas capture prior to final closure of an area of the landfill. Collectively, both components of the Well Field will optimize Landfill Gas collection efficiency and result in significant greenhouse gas reduction

• S&I temporary and permanent vertical landfill gas collection wells
• S&I landfill gas horizontal collectors
• S&I landfill gas laterals, sub-headers and header pipes
• S&I condensate trap
• S&I landfill gas extraction plant, flare and compound
• 1,560 cubic metres of Rock Blasting
■ Landfill Work
♦ Gas Collection Systems
■ Environmentally Sensitive Work
■ Blasting Work
■ Traffic Management
■ First Nations Affiliation
♦ Lechate Collection Systems
■ Public/Urban Impact Management
■ Dewatering Work
■ Electrical Work
♦ PVC Pipes
♦ HDPE Pipes
♦ Geosynthetic Material Installation

VALUE: $1,500,000
START DATE: June, 2014 END DATE: November, 2014

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