Civil construction related to the Diversion Ditch near Myra Creek

The main items of work was to build a lined surge pond with spillway, three decant pipe structures and conveyance pipelines, a culvert crossing under the existing APA spillway, and approximately 500 m of channel. The contract includes the following general works:

1. The construction and maintenance of existing and temporary haul roads. Excavation of 60,000 m3 of material for the
Old TDF Surge Pond, including care of water and installation of HDPE liner. The Old TDF Surge Pond includes construction of a spillway as well as an outlet decant structure and associated erosion protection. The spillway consists of the installation of 4 jersey barriers, riprap as well as placement of gravel at the location of the existing access roads and paths.

2. Installation of three HDPE pipe culverts under the existing APA spillway. Excavation and partial lining of approximately 500 m of channel.

3. Installation of two pre-cast decant structures, one pre-cast intake structure and one pre-cast energy dissipater located
downstream of the TDA surge pond decant pipeline.

4. Placement of approximately 660 metres of HDPE pipe and installation of two precast inspection manholes.

VALUE: $2,600,000
LOCATION: Campbell River, BC
START DATE: September, 2015 END DATE:  September, 2016

OWNER: Nyrstar Myra Falls