The Midtown Water Supply Project will construct two large water pipelines to replace the aging and undersized current infrastructure that transmits potable drinking water to the central and northern areas of the City. This project will enhance the existing water supply network and build resiliency within the core of the City.

The proposed new Primary Transmission watermain will deliver potable treated water from a connection point at College Drive near the Nanaimo Parkway to the Labieux Road pump station.

The proposed Secondary Transmission watermain will provide redundancy and deliver potable treated water along Bowen Road from Pryde Avenue to East Wellington Road, along East Wellington to the Nanaimo Parkway, then the watermain will have the same alignment as the new Primary watermain to the Labieux Road pump station.

■ Large Diameter Pipe Work
■ Road Building Work
■ Curb and Sidewalk
■ Intersection Work
■ Traffic Management
■ Public/Urban Impact Management

VALUE: $40,000,000

OWNER: City of Nanaimo