Replacement of the existing 36 inch diameter outfall pipe with a large concrete pipe at the Greater Nanaimo Pollution Control Centre.

The Greater Nanaimo Pollution Control Centre discharges treated effluent from the treatment plant at 4600 Hammond Bay Road, Nanaimo, BC. A buried pipe crosses through Morningside Park and travels along the floor of the Strait of Georgia. Its final discharge point is 2.5 kilometers out and 70 meters below sea level (beyond Five Fingers Island).

The outfall was installed in 1973 and was reaching the end of its functional life. The outfall pipe had to be replaced as soon as possible to continue protecting the environment.

The existing 36-inch diameter epoxy-coated steel outfall was replaced with a larger, 1350 millimetre diameter, thermoplastic-lined, reinforced concrete pipe in the land section and a 1400 millimetre diameter, high-density polyethylene pipe in the marine section. The replacement is being completed done in two stages.

Stage 1: The land section of the outfall from Greater Nanaimo Pollution Control Centre at 4600 Hammond Bay Road to Morningside Drive was replaced during the summer of 2014.

Part A – Primary Effluent Line and Bypass Chamber
• Cast-in-place concrete primary effluent (PE) bypass chamber with integral thermoplastic PVC/HDPE liner
• 95 m of 1200 mm PVC/HDPE lined concrete primary effluent line
• Two (2) 1200 mm PVC/HDPE lined manholes c/w lids, frames and covers
• 11 m of 900 mm steel piping and fittings
• Modification of existing influent sewer concrete channel for installation of flow meter
• Site works including clearing, excavation, grading, fencing and restoration
• Demolition and modifications to existing structures and piping
• Asphalt paving and curbing
• Electrical work including conduits, wiring, and connection
• Commissioning of the entire system

Part B – Marine Outfall Upgrade Land Section
• 230 m of 1350 mm PVC/HDPE lined concrete effluent outfall
• 130 m of 1350 mm PVC/HDPE lined concrete effluent outfall
• Diversion chamber PVC/HDPE lined cast-in-place reinforced concrete
• Removal of the existing 600 mm and 900 mm CSP culverts and replacement with 1800 mm x900 mm reinforced concrete box
• Installation of approximately 135 m of 200 mm PVC DR 18 watermain along Morningside Drive
• Installation of approximately 50 m of 300 mm PVC DR 35 storm complete with concrete headwall.
• Site works including clearing, excavation, grading, and restoration works: asphalt paving, sidewalk and curbing
• Creek restoration and planting

VALUE: $2,300,000
START DATE: April, 2014   END DATE: September, 2014