Construction of the new Village of Cumberland Water Treatment
Facility and Reservoir including the following work:
• Site grading and excavation for the building and reservoir
• Construction of site access road and installation of site fencing
• Supply and installation of piping, valves and associated equipment in the treatment plant building
• Trenching & backfilling and installation of miscellaneous site piping
• Construction of concrete block water treatment facility building
• Supply and installation of a new 2,500 m3 bolted steel tank, dome roof, slab and associated reservoir piping
• Supply and installation of electrical equipment
• Installation of owner supplied UV equipment
• Testing and commissioning

■ Site Servicing Work
■ Building Excavation Work
■ Road Building Work
■ Building Facilities
■ Water Treatment Project
■ Water Reservoir Work
■ Multi-disciplinary Project

VALUE: $4,900,000
LOCATION: Cumberland, BC
START DATE: June, 2018 END DATE: July, 2019

OWNER: Village of Cumberland