The work consists of the following:
– Assuming responsibility for the delivery, offloading, staging, storage and handling of lined and coated steel pipe and fittings that has been pre-ordered by the City;
– Installation of welded steel pipe, owner supplied butterfly valves and appurtenances for tie-ins to existing steel supply mains;
– Installation of approximately 1546m of 750mm dia. welded steel bell and spigot pipe;
– Construction of a pressure reducing valve station and appurtenances;
– Testing, flushing, and disinfection of the installed pipe and applicable works; and
– Excavation earthworks, clearing and grubbing, site access preparations, rock removal, road crossing and pavement repair, traffic control, and all other work incidental thereto.

■ Pipeline Work
♦ Ductile Iron Pipes
♦ Steel Pipes
■ Municipal Infrastructure Work
♦ Storm Sewer
♦ Road Works
♦ Curb and Sidewalk
■ Public/Urban Impact Management
■ Traffic Management

VALUE: $3,395,000
START DATE: October, 2016 END DATE:  May, 2017

OWNER: City of Nanaimo
ENGINEER: Opus DaytonKnight