Closure of the Landfill involving Gas & Lechate Collaction Systems, HDPE liners (160,760 sq ft) and civil earth works.

The Regional Landfill is located about 5 kilometres south of downtown Nanaimo. The landfill site opened in the 1940s and is approximately 37 hectares in size. The 13.7-hectare operational area of the site has a high-density plastic liner and has been receiving municipal solid waste from the Regional District of Nanaimo since 1991.

The Regional Landfill operates under an operational certificate issued by the BC Ministry of Environment. Through its Environment Protection Programs, landfill gas and leachate are collected from both the lined and unlined areas of the landfill site. Leachate is directed into the sanitary sewer system for treatment at the Greater Nanaimo Pollution Control Centre. The landfill gas collection system directs the gas to an on-site flare station where the methane is burned to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.

VALUE: $1,500,000


START DATE: June, 2011   END DATE: October, 2011

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