Construction of an expansion of the CVRD biosolids compost facility.
The facility expansion includes retrofits to the current infrastructure,
addition of a new mixer and primary screening system, development of
a new curing building and turner and replacement of the existing surface
pond with improved leachate collection. It also incorporates new
heat exchanges to reduce composting time in the winter and provide
additional storage room for finished product.

The construction work includes:
– site works
– road and site improvemens
– utilities
– manholes & catchbasins
– geosynthetic liner & curing building channel cross-section
– structural & building works
– mechanical works, including process systems
– electrical works

■ Site Servicing Work
■ Building Facilities
♦ Geosynthetic Material Installation
■ Multi-disciplinary Project

VALUE: $5,443,000
START DATE: August, 2018 END DATE: August, 2019

OWNER: Comox Valley Regional District