The main function of this multi phased project was to significantly increase the City of Fort St. John’s storm sewer capacity for the purpose of alleviating and eliminating flooding during periods of high intensity rainfall and snow melt events.  Phase 3 of this project included:

  • Removal and disposal of asphalt pavement and concrete curb and sidewalk;
  • Supply and Installation of approximately 560LM of large diameter fused HDPE storm sewer;
  • Supply and installation of various sizes of PVC storm sewer;
  • Removal and disposal of existing wood stave storm sewer c/w various tie ins and modifications to existing City of Fort St. John Storm sewers;
  • Supply and installation of precast storm sewer manholes & catch basins;
  • Supply and installation of PVC sanitary sewer and precast sewer manholes ;
  • Various modifications and tie ins to existing City of Fort St. John sanitary sewer system;
  • Various modifications and tie ins to existing City of Fort St. John water system including the removal and disposal of existing Asbestos Cement pipe;
  • Supply and install road sub-base and base gravels;
  • Approximately 700LM of concrete curb and gutter installation;
  • Approximately 500LM of concrete sidewalk installation;
  • Approximately 5500SM of asphalt roadway paving;
  • Road markings and signage;
  • Supply and installation of new ornamental street lighting and illuminated pedestrian crossings;
  • Traffic detour and management planning;

■ Pipeline Work
♦ HDPE Pipes
■ Municipal Infrastructure Work
♦ Sanitary Sewer
♦ Storm Sewer
♦ Water Works
♦ Road Works
♦ Curb and Sidewalk
■ Intersection Work
■ Traffic Management
■ Public/Urban Impact Management

VALUE: $2,900,000
LOCATION: Fort St. John, BC
START DATE: June, 2016 END DATE:  October, 2016

OWNER: City of Fort St. John
ENGINEER: Urban Systems Ltd.