Knappett Industries (2006) Ltd. has an exceptional understanding of solid waste facilities from the numerous projects we have completed involving; landfill expansions, closures, and upgrades. We have built all types of systems, and are proficient with the installation of liners, leachate, and gas collection systems. Please click on the Projects link for samples of our work.

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Municipal Infrastructure

The unknowns of infrastructure upgrades, demands an highly experienced and creative team to adapt throughout a project, and complete successfully. We pride ourselves as being one of the top contractors in this field, completing hundreds of successful Infrastructure projects for municipalities throughout BC. Please click on the Projects link for samples of our work.

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The terrain often offers many challenges for developers. It is always exciting for us to watch the developer and consultant’s creative idea come to life as we shape seemingly undevelopable land into beautiful neighborhoods and communities. We have been building subdivision for over 25 years, and have experience in all types of terrain.  Please click on…

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Site Servicing

Knappett Industries (2006) Ltd. works as a site works subcontractor for a long list of satisfied General Contractors, and Construction Managers. These clients know that when we are on their sites, they are always dealing with safety oriented, skilled professionals. Please click on the Projects link for samples of our work.

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Earth Dams and Penstocks

Dam projects rely on an extremely high level of quality control, combined with careful planning and execution. We have successfully constructed earth, rock and composite dams serving their providers with Hydroelectricity, municipal water storage, land reclamation, storm water detention, structure protection, and recreational/environmental wetlands. Please click on the Projects link for samples of our work.

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Knappett Industries (2006) Ltd. is a leading provider of large diameter pipeline construction on Vancouver Island. We provide pipeline services for mills, hydro projects, and municipal water supply. Please click on the Projects link for samples of our work.

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road building

Road Building

We are well versed in a wide variety of road building projects including airports, subdivisions, major highways, municipal streets, and parking lots. An excellent understanding of soil sciences, and the use of geosynthetics enables us to tackle the most challenging road building terrain with our extensive fleet of modern equipment. Please click on the Projects link…

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Land Clearing

Knappett Industries (2006) Ltd. provides all services for safe and profitable land clearing. We have numerous customers for timber and pulp, and can assist clients with these transactions, and ultimately cost savings! Please click on the Projects link for samples of our work.

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Underground Raceways

One of our specialties of in the utility sector is the construction of Underground Raceways. Clients such as BC Hydro, Shaw and Telus are amongst our repeat customers as they rely on Knappett Industries (2006) Ltd. to provide reliable high quality work with our own forces. Being a WorkSafeBC COR certified company means our priority is…

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